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Updated: Sep 3, 2023

Something’s got to give...I need to let go in order to receive this vast amount of love that is waiting for me.

Charlie… that’s his name. We are creatures of habit and Charlie does not fit my “Standard”. What is my standard you ask? See below.

“The Fuck Boy”

“The Emotionally Unavailable”

“The Distancer”

“The Narcissist”

“The Booty Call”

“The Lover”

“The Old-Fashioned”

Damn! Listing it only makes me feel worse! I think it’s because my experience with these men lingers like a parasite. No matter how much I wanted to let go, the harder they latched on.

So, what’s the cure? Charlie isn’t the cure…it’s me! I accepted these parasites to continue to suck every ounce of happiness that I carry in my heart. I need to let go.

Wait a minute! I'm the parasite. I’m the one that needed my fix. Thinking that this is what was good for me. That this is taking care of me. But slowly, we were eating each other alive. But at what cost? The cost of Love. I might lose someone who may possibly be able to love me, the good, the bad, all of me!

What do I do? Walk this path, don’t look back, don’t look ahead. Take one step at a time, into reclaiming my life back.

Let’s begin...

Self-love girl in sunset

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