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Marker 3: Mindfulness

Updated: Sep 13, 2023

Mindfulness is such a powerful tool that can help us not lose sight of what is in front of us- the present moment. The past and future have a crazy way of showing up through our triggers, worries, circumstances, thoughts, and emotions.

I started practicing more mindfulness after my spiritual enlightenment in 2018. This was an awakening for me, not realizing how much of a toll my depression was taking weight in my life. I was working with clients who were experiencing Maternal Depression and Anxiety and taking in what clients share and not having a healthy outlet of self-care tools to cope with my own life didn’t exactly make things easier. Burnout and Vicarious trauma hit me hard. It got to a point where I needed to seek professional help.

Mindfulness not only meant that I had to release myself from the past but not ruminate on the future. I became grounded in the present by using my senses. My major senses used with mindfulness practice are smell and touch. Using essential oils has helped me to relax and ground. Peppermint and lavender oil are my go-to for clarity and calm.

Which part of your five senses do you use to practice mindfulness?

Examples: Listening to lofi-beats (hearing) or watching an artist paint (sight).


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