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Updated: Sep 13, 2023

For you to trust me in what I am about to share with you, you have to get to know me.

Let’s start with where I’m from. I was born in good ol’ Miami, which most people say is where life happens for you. Life happened all right…the twists and turns my life took, from growing up in poverty to being bullied in school to my mom going blind from unmanaged diabetes to almost dropping out of high school.

I grew up in a blended household family. My mother of Haitian descent raised me, my little brother, and my older sister on her own. My father wasn’t in the picture (insert undesirable emotion here). I also have three older brothers who lived in Haiti and came to the States after I turned 11. I honestly don’t remember most of my childhood, but what I do remember is the parts that I have been trying to heal. If life was perfect for me, Markers of Healing would not exist. Not only is this a memoir of my life, but rather a foundation of guidance and support for anyone who has experienced past trauma and wants to reclaim their life- at any age.

I have described in this blog each lesson that I have learned in my life as markers, similar to mile markers when traveling. My life sometimes would go on autopilot where I would miss my exit and have to go back and re-visit a lesson that I failed to pay attention to or acknowledged was a problem in my life.

I hope that during your journey, through reflection and openness for growth, you find the information provided, profoundly enlightening.

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